Screens & Room Dividers

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Screens and room dividers are versatile furniture choices for any living space. Whether you’re looking to create more privacy or divide an open space into multiple functional areas, folding screens and dividers are wonderful home solutions. Prime Liquidations stocks a range of ornate and water hyacinth room dividers to meet your practical and stylistic requirements. Our products are high quality, affordable, and ready to liven up your space.

What are screens and room dividers used for?

Screens and room dividers have a variety of uses. These include dividing home spaces, hiding mess, creating privacy, and providing shade. In large houses with open-plan layouts, screens may be used to break up the space, creating smaller, cosier rooms for more people. Screens may also be used as a quick and easy way to disguise a mess if you suddenly have visitors. A corner of dirty laundry or an unmade bed could be swiftly hidden behind a screen at a moment’s notice. Room dividers also act as privacy screens for dressing or sleeping. If you don’t have a guest room, you can set up a bed in another space and section it off with a screen or divider to help guests feel more comfortable. As a dressing screen, you can maintain a conversation and your privacy while dressing or undressing without having to go to another room. Alternatively, dividers are a great way to direct traffic away from certain rooms or living spaces. This is especially useful for people running businesses from home. Lastly, a screen or room divider may be the solution to windows without shades. If you don’t like the hassle of curtains, and don’t want to pay a fortune on expensive blinds or window treatments, a strategically placed room divider blocks sunlight and provides a bit of decoration. You could even get a screen made of thin material which allows some light to come through and illuminate the space.

What are the benefits of screens and room dividers?

The main benefits of having screens or room dividers is their versatility. Dividers are easily moved, or decorated to suit any space. Once in your home, you can change the orientation of the screen to create different spaces within, or move it to another room entirely. Screens also make spaces more interesting, without the need for a heavy, structured wall. Ornate folding screens add a pop of colour or design to any space. It allows you to showcase your personality in your home in a versatile way, and make the most of your living space. They come in a myriad of different styles, so you can find the aesthetic that suits your interior design preferences.

Can screens and room dividers be used outdoors?

You can use screen and room dividers outdoors. However, you’ll need to maintain them properly to prevent deterioration. Depending on the material of your screen, it may become brittle in the sun, or its colour could begin to fade. Room dividers could also become damaged due to dust and debris from the outdoors. To avoid this, regularly wipe down or dust your screen when it’s outside. Before using cleaning products, ensure they don’t contain harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the material of your screen. It’s also recommended to keep your divider out of direct sunlight, rain, or other natural elements. This way, you can maintain the original state of your screen as long as possible.

Room dividers may be very well-suited to your outdoor space. Screens can be placed in front of bare walls to add life and make them look more interesting. They provide beautiful backdrops for a range of plants and other garden accessories. They may also be used to hide any problem corners from last-minute visitors. When used in conjunction with bird baths, statues, or decorative pots, folding screens add that extra level of creative flair to your garden or outdoor area and make it a feast for the eyes.

How much do room dividers cost?

The cost of room dividers is dependent on factors such as materials, size, and location. Certain woods or fabrics may be more expensive if they require more resources to produce. Larger screens, or multiple screens, will also raise the overall cost. Imported room dividers, or products that need to be shipped to other countries, tend to carry heftier price tags. However, when you purchase screens and room dividers from Prime Liquidations, you can rest assured you’re getting quality furniture for affordable prices. Our Perth warehouse has one of the largest collections of indoor and outdoor furniture, including bamboo and teak furniture, homewares, and recycled boat wood furniture. Our dividing screens start as low as $169 for our ornate folding screens that come in a variety of designs.

How to decorate with room dividers

The versatility of room dividers gives you plenty of options when it comes to decoration. Depending on how simple your screen is, you may want to dress it up a little to suit your space. Artfully placed artificial plants, water features, or other decorative elements can add dimension to your screen and create a warm and inviting space for yourself, family, and visitors. Including a folding screen with ornate, culturally significant imagery is an excellent option for anyone wishing to display their heritage in their interior design scheme. You could also paint your screen for a pop of colour, or drape fabrics over it to bring softness to the design. Prime Liquidations have beautiful water hyacinth folding screens that provide texture and style to any room.

Prime Liquidations is your number one choice for all your screen and room divider needs. We deliver amazing products for cheap prices, so that they suit your home as well as your wallet. Our products are made from recycled and sustainable materials, either here in Australia or imported from one of our primary suppliers in Indonesia, Bali, Java, and China. Whether you’re after traditional or contemporary styles, we have something in our range to suit you. Chat to our friendly team today or visit our warehouse to explore our range of screens and room dividers.