Coffee Tables

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Coffee tables often form the focal point of a living or dining area. Usually set at around knee height, they are a natural place to put your coffee or other hot or cold drinks. They can also be used as a place to lay out afternoon tea or snacks, or to display large coffee table books, magazines or other decorative items. Coffee tables with drawers also offer great opportunities for storage in your home.


What to put on a coffee table?

You can put a variety of different decorations on top of your coffee table. As large flat spaces, coffee tables offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your personal style. Whether you want to display a personal interest, such as fashion or photography, show off a well-chosen coffee table book, or brighten your home with some stunning statues or ornaments, a coffee table is a great neutral space. Depending on whether pets or young children have access to your home, we would caution against placing delicate or valuable items on a coffee table, because they might get damaged.


What are the different types of coffee tables?

There are many different types of coffee table, depending on taste and budget. Coffee tables can be any shape, but the most popular types are usually round or square. Coffee tables also come in a range of different sizes and materials. The type that you choose will depend on your own style and the look and size of the rest of your home. 

Nested coffee tables 

Nested coffee tables, which feature several coffee tables cleverly designed to slot underneath each other in a ‘nest’ formation, are a versatile piece. They allow you to make your coffee table larger or smaller, depending on visitors, as well as giving you the chance to separate the different pieces to create a table set. Nested coffee tables are usually made from glass, wood, or stone. Their design can vary wildly and they lend themselves to quirky and asymmetrical shapes.

Ottoman coffee tables 

Ottomans, which usually have a layer of soft furnishing or fabric on their solid top, can double as a place to display books and magazines, or as a comfortable additional seat. Handily, the area beneath the soft top of an ottoman can be used as storage. This gives you a place to keep cushions, board games or other things usually found in a living area.

Coffee tables with drawers 

Coffee tables with storage drawers are the perfect combination of style and function. The top, or lid, of the coffee table can come in a range of different materials. Although metal and glass are common, the drawers beneath the table top are usually made from wood. Some coffee tables have legs and a single drawer, while others may have multiple rows of drawers and function equally well as chests.


What materials can coffee tables be made from?

Coffee tables can be built from a range of sturdy materials. The material you choose can depend on both your aesthetic and your practical preferences. Typically, coffee tables tend to be made from wood, glass or marble.


Wood is an extremely popular choice for a coffee table, as it is versatile, cost-effective and can be styled to suit a number of different looks. All types of wood can work for a coffee table. Traditional woods like oak have long been popular, but now, more contemporary looks, like rattan, are also gaining in popularity. Rattan and more distressed styles are particularly effective for use as an outside coffee table, as they can withstand the elements better than some other materials.


Glass is another great choice for a coffee table. It works well in smaller spaces or living areas, as the light passing through them reflects and makes an area look larger. Glass works for both round coffee tables and square ones, with flair and panache added through ornate or striking legs. They are easy to maintain and keep clean, but again, those with children and small pets should consider whether having a glass coffee table is compatible with their family makeup.


Marble is a chic and practical option for a coffee table. It can come in a variety of different shades and colours, but can be a more expensive choice. Those looking for a marble effect might consider a terrazzo coffee table, which could create a similar look, on a different budget. Marble can also be heavy, so it’s not the ideal material if you plan to move your table frequently and experiment with the arrangement.


How to style a coffee table

Styling a coffee table provides you with a large blank canvas on which to work. First, you might want to consider the colours and accents throughout the rest of the home, and decide if you want to echo or complement them. Once you’ve decided on your colour palette, you can have a lot of fun sourcing trinkets and accessories to place on your coffee table. Pots and vases can work well as part of this display, being great on their own or with flowers inside them. Coffee tables are a wonderful place to show off family photos, brighten a room through artificial flowers or give a nod to your interests through well-curated books or pamphlets. Avoid clutter where possible, as it will make your home look smaller. Don’t forget to consider your lighting, and whether you might want to place a lamp or candles on your coffee table. You could also use your coffee table to reflect the season, through festive ornaments, or floral arrangements. Styling a coffee table is a matter of personal taste, and you can definitely have fun with it. 


Where in the house can you put a coffee table?

There are no hard and fast rules about where you should keep a coffee table in your home, but there are certain spaces that lend themselves more readily than others. Coffee tables can provide not just an opportunity to style your home, but also a central space to gather around in your home. For this reason, having a coffee table in a living room or lounge is most common. Any space where you intend to relax, however, could be home to a coffee table, provided there is space. You could consider placing one in a children’s rumpus room, or at the foot of a master bedroom, with low seats around. 


Where can you buy coffee tables in Perth?

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