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Bookcases (or bookshelves) are a classic and excellent piece of furniture to add to your home. We have all kinds of bookcases from the classic shelf variety to the type with square holes. There are a range of designs available from different materials such as wood and plastic. They can be placed in several areas of the home and you can decorate them to fit with your overall aesthetic scheme.

What is a bookcase?

A bookcase is a shelved piece of furniture designed to hold books, printed materials or decorations. Bookcases are used in homes, libraries and essentially anywhere that needs a storage solution for reading materials. In addition to their practical function of holding books, bookshelves are popularly used for decoration. The bookshelf itself can be considered decorative or house a range of decorations like plants and figurines.

What types of bookcases are there?

Bookcases exist in a range of different styles. This helps them to fit into your home based on your aesthetic and practical preferences. Bookcases are sometimes even modular to help them adapt to your particular needs. Three of the most common types of bookshelves are classic, floating and cube.


The classic bookcase involves having several different horizontal shelves on which to arrange your various books. They are great for covering a bare span of wall in a room. However it’s very important that you get the measurements right beforehand to ensure the bookcase will fit comfortably.


Floating bookshelves can be very beneficial when you have less space to work with. Rather than being separate pieces of furniture, they are installed into the wall. It allows them to be incorporated into the layout of your home seamlessly. Anyone with a small house will benefit from floating shelves.


Cube bookshelves are segmented into a series of cubes. In some designs they are part of a single unit. However many are modular and allow you to customise the arrangement of these cubes. You can create interesting shapes with these and intersperse books, decorations and whatever else you need throughout your home.

What materials are bookcases made from?

Bookcases can be made from a number of materials. One of the main criteria is that the bookshelf has the strength and stability to handle the weight of the books and other objects on it. For this reason, wood, metal, plastic and glass are the materials commonly used to construct a bookshelf.


Wood is the most popular option for bookshelves. Hardwoods like pine or oak are frequently used. They are sturdy and good at creating a rustic and classic feel for your bookshelf. One thing to note is that wood bookshelves can be quite heavy. This is good for stability but does make transport slightly more difficult.


Metal is quite heavy and resilient. It works well when you want a bookshelf that has a more modern appearance. A range of different metals can be used as well as different types of metal alloys. Due to metal being quite ductile and malleable, bookcases made from this material can come in very interesting shapes. One thing to be wary of with metal bookshelves is their heat conduction. They can get quite hot if they are in direct sunlight, so make sure to be careful about where you place them in your home.


Plastic is an affordable and easy to transport option for a bookcase. While hard plastics still offer a good amount of stability, they are often much lighter than alternative materials and easier to transport. They also tend to have a smaller price tag and are a good option if you’re on a budget. In terms of aesthetics, plastic bookshelves are versatile. They can often have patterns depicting things such as wood to create that same feeling in your home.


Glass bookshelves are the most decadent option. They are very classy and work well with a modern design scheme. The obvious concern is with their fragility. However, if they are properly fastened and kept away from dangerous areas, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Can bookshelves be flat packed?

Many bookshelves can be built from flat packs. This involves getting the different components in a convenient cardboard packaging and putting them together yourself. This helps a lot for transportation and getting the bookcase into your home if you live on a higher level.


Where should you put a bookcase?

Bookshelves are best placed indoors. This is because they tend to have books and other decorations that are vulnerable to the elements. If they were left outside then rain, wind and even sun could cause them serious damage. They may still be okay outdoors if there is a heavily covered area that will prevent damage and exposure. Indoors, you have a lot of options for where to place your bookshelf. Bedrooms and studies are a popular choice as this is where reading is commonly done. They also work well in living rooms and are a good way to fill up empty space on the wall.

Do bookcases have to be fixed?

Bookcases have the option of being fixed to the wall of being freestanding. It’s largely dependent on the style of the bookcase itself. Floating shelves or bookshelves with less structural integrity are more likely to require fixing to the wall. However, even more stable and traditional bookcases could benefit from this to lower the risk of them falling. It’s largely a matter of personal preference.

How to decorate a bookcase

Decorating a bookcase helps to make it more than just a place to put your books and knick-knacks. The books themselves act as decorations for the bookshelf. You can arrange them in specific ways that maximise the aesthetics. This may involve using the colour of the books or grouping together books from the same collections. Book-related decorations are also a good idea. This includes book ends and book-related memorabilia that can help to fill your shelves. But you’re not limited by that particular motif. Plants, whether genuine or artificial, are great additions to a bookcase. You can also choose to change the way the bookcase itself looks. Painting is a popular option if you want to add flair to your bookcase and make it a bit more in line with your decoration scheme.

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