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A day bed is a multi-functional sofa that converts into a bed. It adds both style and practicality to homes, especially if you’re pressed for space. Day beds have become a popular choice for homeowners seeking to maximise space and create flexible living areas. They also make great guest beds. With their diverse styles, materials, and accessories, day beds have the power to elevate the aesthetics of any living space, making them a valuable addition to modern homes.

What are day beds?

Day beds are versatile pieces of furniture that serve as both comfortable seating areas and cosy beds. They’re designed to maximise space and functionality in your home. Day beds typically feature a frame with a backrest, which allows them to double sofas during the day. At night, you can easily transform them into beds by adding a mattress.

Day beds are perfect for small living spaces, guest rooms, or home offices. They offer a stylish solution for accommodating overnight guests or create a cosy spot for relaxation.

Parts of a day bed

A day bed comprises several essential components, each contributing to its functionality and comfort. At its core is the frame, which forms the sturdy base for the entire structure. This frame typically incorporates a backrest, making it double as a sofa during the day. On some day beds, you’ll find a trundle bed tucked underneath, perfect for accommodating guests. The mattress is the key to a comfortable night’s sleep, and you can choose one to suit your preferences. Adding cushions and pillows enhances both comfort and aesthetics. Lastly, the day bedding includes sheets, blankets, and decorative pillows, to complete the look of your day bed.


Day beds have a range of different uses, including indoor and outdoor entertaining, and storage. During the day, they serve as comfortable seating areas, functioning much like sofas. Depending on the specific material of the day bed, it can be suited for both indoor and outdoor use. A day bed provides an excellent spot for relaxation, reading, or enjoying a cup of coffee. In smaller living spaces, it can replace a traditional sofa, saving valuable space.

At night, a day bed transforms effortlessly into a bed. This is perfect for giving friends a place to sleep or serving as a space-saving alternative to a guest room. Some day beds even come with added storage like drawers. Their adaptability and style make them a smart choice for any home, catering to both comfort and practicality.


Day beds come in a variety of styles, each designed to suit different needs and preferences. Garden day beds, with their weather-resistant materials and stylish designs, are perfect for outdoor relaxation. Fold-out day beds are known for their space-saving functionality, as they can be easily converted into a comfortable sleeping area. Chaise day beds offer a touch of luxury with their elegant, elongated designs, making them ideal for lounging and reading. For those who value versatility, extendable day beds are a top choice, as they can be expanded to accommodate guests or folded back into a sofa during the day. These diverse options ensure there’s a day bed to match your lifestyle and enhance your living space.


Day beds are available in various sizes to accommodate different living spaces. The most common sizes are single day beds, because they’re compact and save space, which is great for kid’s rooms. If you’re looking for a bit more room to stretch out, try a double size which is both space-conscious and comfortable. Day bed size ranges even include queen or king size beds, offering ample room for entertaining and relaxing. Finding the perfect size ensures your day bed seamlessly fits into your home and enhances your living space.


Day beds are crafted from a diverse range of materials, allowing you to personalise your choice to match your unique style. Popular materials include wood, metal, and wicker. Wooden day beds, such as those made from timber or teak, radiate timeless elegance. Teak day beds are prized for their natural beauty and resistance to the elements, making them ideal for outdoor use. You also have the option to get a day bed made from recycled materials such as boat wood. Cane day beds bring a touch of rustic charm and lightweight durability, perfect for a relaxed atmosphere. You might also consider metal day beds, since they offer a more contemporary look with sleek lines and durability. Wicker or rattan day beds bring warmth into any setting, perfect for gardens or patios. Whether it’s the warmth of wood, the natural appeal of cane, or the modernity of metal, your day bed material helps define the look of your space.


Incorporating accessories provides a way to enhance both the comfort and the style of your day bed. Canopies and gazebos provide shade for day beds, adding a touch of luxury. They can transform a day bed into a private oasis with which to escape the sun’s rays in style. Outdoor cushions and throw pillows add a pop of cosiness and colour, making your day bed even more inviting. To complete the look, consider adding side tables for convenience, so you can keep your books, drinks, and personal items within an arm’s reach. Day bed accessories offer an extra boost of comfort and also allow you to customise your space to reflect your taste.

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