Chest of Drawers

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A chest of drawers is a bureau or cabinet, with a flat surface for displaying accessories and a series of shelves for storage underneath. Chests of drawers are extremely versatile and can be placed anywhere in your home, although they are most usually seen in bedrooms or living areas, where excess storage is required. They can be made using a variety of materials and easily decorated to suit your home aesthetic.


What can you store in a chest of drawers?

Chests of drawers come in a huge range of different sizes and are so functional that they can be used to store almost anything that doesn’t require hanging space. You could keep clothing for immediate wear, or store clothes for different weather and seasons if you need to. Often, festive attire or holiday wear is stored in a chest of drawers, as it has no immediate use, but needs to be kept for special occasions. Chests of drawers are also used for storing sheets and other bed linens, as well as office or school supplies. In a communal area, a chest of drawers is suitable for mounting a television or entertainment set on. Wires and the necessary technical equipment could then be stored in the drawers below. Keepsakes that have a sentimental value can also be stowed in a chest of drawers. Essentially, the room where the drawers are kept, as well as the value that you place on them, will determine what you keep in your chest of drawers.


What are the different types of chests of drawers?

Chests of drawers come in a variety of different types. Each of them has their own unique design and particular function. This determines their size, style and often the material they are made from. Dressers, tallboys and chests are three of the most common drawers types available.


A dresser is one of the most common types of chest of drawers. While how it looks and what it is made of will depend on your individual sense of style, dressers usually have a flat top with space for a mirror or other decorative features. They are often around waist-height and may have two narrower drawers at the top for storing more delicate items, like trinkets or lingerie. This is usually paired with longer, wider drawers for clothes or linens beneath.


As their name suggests, tallboys are longer and narrower than other chests of drawers. They are more geared towards functionality and less towards display or decoration due to their height. Tallboys are perfect for storing clothes, linens, old keepsakes or even baby items. They come in a range of different colours and materials, and are usually positioned in a bedroom or hallway.


Chests are often squatter and smaller than other types of drawers. Due to their reduced height, they can be positioned easily at the end of a bed, or under a window. Chests usually have fewer drawers, but they still make a great home for linens or fancy dress clothing. Often, chests will be dressed with pillows or other soft furnishings to create an extra seating option like a chair.


What materials can chests of drawers be made from?

The most common material for a chest of drawers to be manufactured from is wood, either solid or manufactured. Within that range there are a number of different woods, in different hues and grains. Chests of drawers can also be made out of materials such as metal or plastic, depending on style. 

Solid wood 

Traditionally, chests and drawer sets were constructed using solid, enduring woods like oak or mahogany. Offering a rich, timeless beauty, chests of drawers were built to last. They were often passed down through generations of the same family and could appreciate in value. Wood offers a versatile option, as it can be sanded, revarnished, painted or distressed to offer a fresh look to a timeless classic. It is important to remember that solid wooden drawer sets or chests can be heavy and, depending on the type of wood, could warp if subjected to extreme temperatures. 

Engineered wood

Chests of drawers are often made from engineered wood, which is a composite of wood and other substances like adhesives. Options like MDF or plywood are becoming increasingly popular choices because they are cheap, easy to assemble and disassemble and can be customised with colours or patterns, as you like. While they are not as heavy as solid wood, chests of drawers made out of engineered wood can chip or scratch. 


Metal chests of drawers are less common than a chest of drawers made from solid or manufactured wood, but they can work well in an office or study space at home. One of their benefits is that they are easier to clean than wood. They also create an industrial, clean aesthetic, but can be prone to scratches. 


How to decorate a chest of drawers?

Decorating a chest of drawers is a matter of personal taste and style but there are many different ways to go about it. Choosing a distinctive colour or texture is one obvious way to make something unique, while sourcing different drawer handles or knobs is another way to decorate your chest of drawers. Internally, patterned or textured liners can make a huge impact. On the top, adding a mirror or some artificial flowers  is a way to brighten up your unit as well as make the space around it appear bigger. Having a trinket tray on top of a chest of drawers makes for an easy place to put jewellery or sets of keys so they are not misplaced. Another option is to consider the lighting on the chest of drawers. Placing a stylish lamp on the surface or investing in strip lighting to accent the drawers are other effective ways to decorate. 


Where in the house can you put a chest of drawers?

A chest of drawers can happily sit in any room where you need the storage or the surface space. While they’re most commonly found in bedrooms or living areas, it also makes sense to have a chest of drawers in an office space, conservatory, kitchen or hallway. They’re an incredibly practical piece of furniture that can provide benefits in any space.


Where can you find a chest of drawers in Perth?

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