Wall decor simply means any item of decoration that you might add to the walls of your home or office. Whether it be a decorative panel, mirror, hanging or a piece of art, wall decor is a great way to express yourself and bring your personal taste into your home or working space.

What are the rules for wall decor?

The wonderful thing about wall decor is that it’s completely up to you. How you choose to style your home and your walls is entirely your decision. There are some people who believe you can cover sixty percent of your walls with wall hangings or decorative art, but that you must leave forty percent of the space clear. 

But others believe that you can cover the entire space. Rules are made to be broken. A general piece of guidance is that you should take the size, shape and colour scheme of the room into place when considering what to hang. And while it’s up to you whether your pieces clash or complement each other, ensure that you hang your wall decor to make sure each piece has space to make sure it’s not fighting with its surroundings.

What are the Different Categories of Wall Décor?

There are a few different categories of wall decor to be aware of when planning your space and curating your look. These different options will vary depending on their type, function and material. Here are a few of the more popular choices: 

Carvings and signs 

Wooden carvings, often from different cultures or countries, are a stylish way to bring variety and taste into your room. They can reflect your tastes and interests or recreate the travels you’ve been on. They are also a great point of conversation, and are neutral enough to fit in with every colour or design scheme. Humorous signs are another effective way to bring your personality into your interior style, create a mood or atmosphere, as well as clearly lay out the function of each room or space. 


Decorative wall mirrors are a terrific use of wall space. Available in a variety of materials and designs, the right mirror can be like a piece of art in its own right. It can also hide any imperfections on the wall or make the room seem bigger and lighter. A mirror in the right material can also reinforce the sense of style throughout the rest of the room or house, by contributing to the general look, be it rustic or more modern. 

Mandala Art

Mandala art or macrame is a great way to add serenity and balance to your home. The intricate styles and patterns are undeniably beautiful and offer enough variety to guarantee you can find a piece to suit your decor. If you created the mandala yourself, it can be a reminder of your intentions and your progress or even a sign of accomplishment. If you chose your mandala from a shop, the symmetrical patterns should still offer you a relaxation and sense of calm. 


Creating a mosaic effect on your walls is a very creative way to brighten a space and reflect an existing colour scheme. Each mosaic piece is an original, due to the number of tiny smaller pieces involved and they are incredibly versatile, coming in a huge range of shapes and colours. Their durability also makes them a great wall decoration, as they offer value for money. 

What materials are used for wall decor?

The material you select for your wall decor can define its look and purpose. There is a wide variety of materials suitable for wall art decor, including canvas, paper, wood, metal and glass. The type of wall hanging will determine the appropriate material. 

Decorative wall art will generally be made from wood or canvas, while decorative mirrors are likely to be constructed from wood or metal and glass. Signs and carvings work best made from wood. There are also different framing options to consider, depending on the type of wall decor you’ve chosen.

Where in the house can you put your Wall Decors?

Wall decor works for every room in the house. It truly is up to you where you choose to hang decorative wall art. Obviously, it makes sense to match the type of wall art to the room that you’re featuring it in. The most popular areas for hanging wall decor are usually the living areas or bedrooms, where they can get the most attention and make the biggest impact. 

Environmentally, consider how much light the space you’re hanging your pieces gets, as certain materials or items may fade. You also want to ensure that the decorative art is hung at the right height – where it can be clearly seen, but not disturbed. The most important thing is to have fun with it – and use it to represent the type of home you would like to live in.

Where can you find Wall Decor in Perth?

Prime Liquidations has a huge range of wall decor, across every different category. We have a number of different mirrors, mandalas, wooden carvings and signs, as well as a variety of sculptures, statues and other wall hanging decor. Contact us today or visit our store to browse through our vast range of options. We’re always happy to help you find the style that suits you.