Artificial Plants & Flowers

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Artificial plants and flowers are the perfect way to add life and vitality to any indoor or outdoor space. They’re nice to look at, low maintenance, and affordable when you get them from a reliable supplier like Prime Liquidations. We offer a range of beautiful artificial plants and flowers to suit any space. From floating lotus flowers to Chinese blossom trees, our range is top quality and bound to bring value to your home.

Are artificial plants and flowers better than real ones?

Artificial plants come with a range of benefits that might make them preferable to real plants. Not only do they look good and require less maintenance, they’re also safer for pets and children since they’re more likely to be non-toxic. Artificial greenery requires no repotting, watering, or sunlight to thrive. While some people may love the hands-on nature of real plants, not everyone has the time, money, or patience to care for a house full of them. That’s where artificial plants and flowers save the day. Not only that, but fake flowers are in bloom all year round. No more sweeping up fallen petals or only enjoying flowers for a few months each year. 

Are artificial plants toxic?

Most artificial plants are non-toxic and won’t cause harm if ingested. This makes them an excellent choice for families with pets or young children. Regular plants can be very harmful and even deadly to animals and humans if touched or eaten, so incorporating artificial plants or flowers into your home is a sure way to keep everyone safe. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, check the label of the artificial plant to make sure that it is non-toxic. Second, even if an artificial plant is non-toxic, it is still important to supervise children around them. This is because artificial plants, like regular plants, could still pose a choking hazard.

Are artificial flowers good for feng shui?

Artificial plants and flowers are an excellent choice for feng shui. Although real plants are typically preferred, their artificial counterparts may still be used to enhance the energy flow and create harmonious living spaces. Plants symbolise growth, vitality, and abundance, bringing positive energy into your home. They also represent specific elements of feng shui, such as wood for growth and new beginnings, or water for tranquility and prosperity. When choosing artificial plants for feng shui, it’s important to select high-quality plants that look realistic and lifelike. Place them in areas that need a boost of vitality, such as the living room, office, or bedroom.

How to style artificial plants and flowers

There are many ways to style artificial plants and flowers to add a touch of nature and elegance to your home. When styling them, consider the size of the room and the other furniture. This helps you to create the correct balance in the room. Some other considerations are mixing and matching textures and colors, using the right containers, varying the heights of your arrangements, and filling empty spaces. You have the option to purchase pre-made flower bundles, or put a few together yourself to create unique, eye-attracting flower arrangements. Hanging artificial plants helps to bring a spark of life to bare walls or archways. Place them near a water feature, or get creative with mirrors to make your living space appear bigger and full of greenery. Fake plants are sometimes a bit stiff when they’re new, so make sure to bend and fluff to achieve a natural finish. 

How to clean artificial plants and flowers

Artificial plants and flowers don’t require much cleaning aside from dusting. Like everything indoors, plants collect dust, so they need a bit of a wipe every now and then. Simply grab a cloth and gently wipe the dust off the leaves and petals. For stubborn stains or sticky residue, use some detergent or household cleaner. Before doing this, ensure the product doesn’t contain any chemicals that may damage the surface of the plant. Alternatively, you could use a vinegar and water solution, leaving it to sit for a few minutes to treat stains. Be extra careful with silk flower petals, as some cleaning solutions may cause its wonderful colours to bleed. In this case, you could use hairspray to dislodge most of the dust particles and leave behind a nice sheen to leave your flowers looking fresh and clean.

Can artificial plants be used outdoors?

Artificial plants can certainly be used outdoors, as long as they are maintained correctly. The main issue with artificial plants and flowers being placed outside is that their colours may fade. Exposure to the elements could also cause your plants to get dirty or crack. Keeping them out of direct sunlight and treating plants with UV-protection is a good way to avoid this. You’ll also need to clean your plants regularly to stay on top of dust, dirt, and other debris. Although keeping artificial plants and flowers outdoors may require a bit of extra maintenance from you, they will still add value to verandahs, front yards, or gardens.

Where to buy artificial plants and flowers?

Prime Liquidations is your number one destination for quality, affordable artificial plants and flowers. We’ve been experts in top-notch indoor and outdoor furniture and decor products since 2008. We don’t just import goods at Prime Liquidations, we make our own in factories across Asia, equipped with government-approved licences and  international certified permits. Our range of artificial plants and flowers suit many home aesthetics and tastes, ensuring you’ll find something to fit your space amongst our collection. Chat to the Prime Liquidations team about your artificial plant and flower needs.