Water features add style, peace, and tranquility to any indoor or outdoor living space. The constant flow of water allows for purer air quality, as well as a soothing noise to block out stressful sounds of everyday life. Prime Liquidations has one of the largest indoor and outdoor water feature collections in Perth. We stock a range of imported water features for affordable prices, so you can enjoy quality products at the best prices.


How do water features work?

Water features work by storing water in a reservoir and using a pump to circulate it. The pump is necessary to move water against gravity, typically upwards. Water then flows downwards into a basin or tray, where it gets recirculated. Sometimes, water trickles into a hidden container before getting re-pumped. In the past, water features were placed in temples or sanctuaries to inspire peace and calm. They became increasingly popular in the Middle Ages in courtyards or lawns. Today, both home and garden water features help to bring tranquility, wildlife, and style to a space. Given the heat of Western Australia, water features are an extra popular choice in Perth.

Benefits of having a water feature

There are many benefits to having a water feature in your indoor or outdoor space. They’re a great way to make the surrounding area feel like a personal oasis. Enjoy the background babble of water and elevate your garden or living area with a decorative yet functional fountain. Water features bring creative sparks to living environments and often attract local wildlife when placed outside. 

Improving air quality

Indoor water fountains are known to improve air quality. Our homes are full of positive ions from microwaves, fans, and televisions. When water splashes into a fountain or pool, it allows the particles to split, releasing negative ions. These ions can pull dust, pollen, and other toxins from the air, resulting in fresh, breezy breathing all day long. Research supports negative ion exposure contributing to elevated mood, and encouraging antimicrobial activity.

Promoting relaxation

Water features have been used to promote relaxation and wellbeing for centuries. The sound of flowing water can be incredibly soothing, and the sight of water may reduce stress and anxiety. Water features could also help mask unwanted noise, drowning out traffic or construction sounds to create a more tranquil environment. They often provide a focal point for meditation or mindfulness, helping clear the mind and instill peace. If you have a zen garden, water features are a perfect addition.

Attracting wildlife

Water features, when situated outside, may attract wonderful local wildlife. Larger water features placed near trees or other foliage typically attract birds looking for a bath or a drink. These can be an exciting addition to your backyard. You may be worried about water features attracting another kind of wildlife–mosquitos. Nothing disturbs the peace like a mosquito buzzing in your ear. Although stagnant water becomes a bit of a playground for insects, it’s unlikely you’ll suffer many disturbances if your water feature runs consistently. If you’re noticing a few more mosquitos than usual, it’s a sign your feature might not be working properly.


What materials are water features made from?

A variety of materials can be used to make water features. Typically, stone and bamboo are the most popular options. Stone water features are sturdier and often used to depict statues or act as bird baths. They make a great choice for both indoor and garden water features. Bamboo water features are more delicate. They promote a strong sense of serenity and are a perfect water feature for a zen garden.

Types of water features

When deciding on water features, it’s important to consider your options. From vase shapes to kugel features, the type that best suits your home depends on your individual style and requirements. Water feature design could have a great impact on the aesthetic and feel of your space. Ensure you do thorough research by checking out all the available water feature types and how they work to improve your garden or indoor area.

Vase water features

Vase water features contain one or several vase elements. In some cases, they are designed as one large pot or vase, with water spouting from the top and running down the surface to the bottom. This is similar to a fountain, and creates a fun visual effect by giving the illusion of an overflowing jug. There are also features with several vases, pouring one into the other as the water circulates. Vase water features are a fantastic aesthetic choice because of the flexibility of their designs. They are well-suited to being indoor or outdoor water features.

Bird bath water features

Often, bird baths can double as water features. This is the case when there is a pump and flowing water involved. Alternatively, a regular water feature may double as a bird bath if space allows. Having a bird bath is an excellent way to bring a range of beautiful birds to your yard. Bird baths are some of the best choices available for garden water features.

Statue water features

Many water features double as beautiful, decorative statues. In addition to freshening your home with cool, flowing water, they depict a range of icons to display in your home. Animals are a great choice, with fish and elephant water features being very popular decoration options. Alternatively, buddha water features are another option if you’re looking for something more spiritual. Prime Liquidations has a broad variety of Buddha-themed water features that can help to add a sense of serenity and peace to your space.

Bali water features

Another excellent option is Bali water features. Balinese water features help to infuse a bit more cultural flair into your home. They typically tie in to elements of Indonesian culture. Sometimes they depict Buddhas, much like statue water features. Other times they depict Balinese environments features or significant cultural elements. At Prime Liquidations, Bali water features are a specialty of ours.

Are water features expensive to run?

The cost of running your water feature depends on the efficiency of the pump, and how often you use it. Water features require electricity to run, so if you have it running all the time, it’s going to inevitably add to your energy bill. If your pump works inefficiently, or is too small to support your feature, this may also impact running costs. However, there are plenty of ways to reduce the expense of running a water feature. Firstly, you can set it on a timer. This ensures the pump only turns on at certain times, like in the morning and afternoon. Secondly, you can maintain your pump. Pumps should also run when submerged, so making sure your water feature is topped up will help the pump work more efficiently and use less energy. It’s well-worth the cost to install a water feature in Perth, especially during the summer.

How to clean water features

Cleaning your water feature not only keeps it looking nice, but may also increase its lifespan. Overtime, you might notice a bit of dirt or grime build up. Most of this can be solved with a bit of detergent and a cloth, once you’ve turned off the pump and emptied the water completely. You could also use vinegar or bleach to treat stubborn stains. However, test your chosen solution on a small part of the water feature first to ensure the material can handle chemical substances. It’s best to avoid harsh chemicals like bleach when dealing with natural stone. Bamboo water features are extra delicate, so sticking to a weak solution of ammonia in water is your best bet. Once everything is clean, rinse the water feature several times, and let it fully dry before refilling it. Alternatively, you could get a speciality pond or water cleaning service to clean your water feature for you.

Where can I buy quality water features?

You can buy quality, affordable water features from Prime Liquidations. We import features from Indonesia, with Java, Bali, and China as our primary suppliers. Enjoy a stylish water feature without a jaw-dropping price tag. We have indoor and outdoor water features of various styles and sizes, perfect for your home or garden. From traditional to contemporary, we stock a wide range of furniture suited for all indoor and outdoor living needs. Chat to our friendly team today or visit our warehouse to explore our full range of indoor and outdoor furniture.