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Statues are an incredibly popular option for home decoration. They spruce up your surroundings to add both luxury and elegance. At Prime Liquidations, we have a smattering of statues in our catalogue. Based on their characteristics, some statues may prove more appealing to different customers. Learning about the nuances between different statues ensures you can find the one that suits your preferences perfectly. Come to our warehouse in Perth to see our statue selection in person.


Statues are an excellent way to add an injection of flair to your home. They are available in such a wide variety that you can easily find one to fit the aesthetic of your home. By choosing the right statue, you are able to express your unique personality through your decorating style.

Different statues change the energy of a space to create your desired effect. An abstract statue is excellent at catching the eye to act as a statement piece or conversation-starter. Or perhaps you wish to highlight your cultural heritage. Finding a statue related to your background helps you proudly emphasise this.

Another benefit of statues is that they add more variety to a space. In many homes, the decorations primarily consist of paintings and wall-hangings. Incorporating a suitable statue gives your decor a three-dimensional element with more visual depth. This utilises your space in a more creative way and impresses all your guests.


Statues are available in a range of different designs, so there’s something to suit the preferences of any customer. Sculpture has existed as an art form since early civilisation. As a result, statues can come from a broad range of cultural backgrounds. They are capable of depicting everything from the natural world to the spiritual to abstract art. 

Buddha statues

Buddha statues are a popular option for those seeking to infuse their home with a more spiritual vibe. Across cultures, the Buddha is symbolic of concepts like serenity, wisdom and oneness with the universe. The Buddha is often represented in a range of poses from sitting to standing to lying down. Buddha statues have also been sculpted through a wide range of cultural lenses. Noteworthy among these are the Chinese and Balinese traditions of Buddha statues. Prime liquidations feature an impressive array that provides various options to explore.

Animal statues

Animal statues are an excellent way to breathe extra life into your home or garden. By depicting nature, they help to shape the surrounding space. And there are all kinds of animal statues to choose from. When you have a high-quality animal statue, it can make your home feel like the animal’s natural environment. Incorporate some chimpanzee or gorilla statues to make your home or garden feel like the jungle where they dwell. Or perhaps adding an elephant statue can help your home to harness the majesty of the savannah. Many statues even depict mythical animals such as gargoyles that are said to bring good luck and watch over your home as a fearsome protector. Whichever animal you like will definitely be a welcome addition.


A range of materials can be used to build statues. Different materials create unique visual effects for your statue. But in addition to suiting specific aesthetic preferences, materials have an impact on a statue’s characteristics. These might relate to their maintenance, placement or even 


Stone encompasses a range of potential materials for statues. Stone statues are the easy choice for many people. This is because they are strong, sturdy and fairly affordable. Stone statues are quite resistant to the elements and well-suited to placement in the garden. They can last a long time, so investing in stone statues is a safe bet. However, they do sometimes develop coatings of moss, lichen and other similar substances. Because of this, make sure to clean your stone statues regularly.


Marble is an excellent option if you’re trying to harken to a classical aesthetic style. While marble is technically stone, these statues are in a category of their own. A statue made from marble adds a touch of sophistication that helps your home feel like a palace. These statues are relatively solid and heavy and can resist the elements effectively. However, marble statues are still vulnerable to damage if knocked over. They are also known to carry hefty price tags.


Terracotta statues are made by initially sculpting clay and baking it. This causes it to harden and have a similar texture to stone. Because the sculpting process occurs while the clay is soft, they are able to incorporate many subtle and nuanced elements to the sculpture. Terracotta statues are fairly affordable and another great option for prospective statue buyers. Worth noting is that despite being hard, they can be brittle. So be careful to place them somewhere that doesn’t pose a falling risk.


Wooden statues are prized by many for their more delicate appearance. Wood statues are made by carving, giving the process space to add fine touches. The grooves in the wood provide an additional visual element to enhance the decorative potential of wooden statues. They are lighter than other materials, making them easier to transport. This also means they can be supported by more surfaces. An issue with wood statues is that they are more vulnerable to the elements than other statues. This is why they are more suited to indoor decoration.


Metal statues are the most resilient among the different materials. They are often used in more modern artistic interpretations. Because of the ductility and malleability of metal, the statues can be made into interesting and delicate shapes. Within the category of metal, there are many different options. Some statues can be made of pure metals like iron or copper. However, alloys such as bronze, steel and brass are also very common. One thing to watch out for with metal statues is their heat absorption. If they’re out in the sun, they might get quite hot, so be careful about handling them on summer days. Additionally, they can sometimes be vulnerable to bending if they are small or thin.

Where can you put your statues?

Statues can suit a variety of areas around home. It is largely dependent on where you have space available. Statues work well in your outdoor or garden areas, suiting a lawn or patio equally well. They’re also great indoors and make a great centrepiece for a living room. Larger statues may be more suitable for an outdoor area as people tend to have more available space in their yard. Smaller status, often busts of statues of heads can be placed on surfaces like tables or stands throughout the house without much trouble. Statues made from certain materials like wood are more vulnerable to the elements. This is worth considering when deciding on a placement.


In order to keep your statues in good condition, you must employ the appropriate maintenance techniques. This is going to differ slightly depending on the statue. There are some common practices that will help you maintain most statues. Cleaning is one, as a dirty statue ruins its decorative value. Also, checking regularly for any defects will help you prevent further damage to them.

Where you keep your statue can affect how much attention they need. Indoor statues are not exposed to the elements and so are a lower risk of damage. However, they do accrue dust and should be cleaned regularly. For outdoor statues, they may require some type of shelter if the weather is negatively affecting them.

Check out our selection of statues

Prime liquidations has a range of beautiful, expertly-crafted statues available for purchase. They’re an excellent addition to both the indoor areas of your home or the outdoors and garden. Our selection of statues is available to help take your home decoration up a notch. With a range of designs and materials to choose from, our statues are able to suit anyone’s lifestyle. Have a look at our extensive collection by visiting our store in Perth. Browse our catalogue to find the perfect statue for your home’s style and contact us today if you would like to know more.