Chairs and Stools

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Chairs and stools are common pieces of furniture used for seating. There are different types of chairs and stools available depending on what they are needed for. Chairs and stools can be made from a variety of different materials with their own advantages and disadvantages. They are ubiquitous in most homes and buildings and an essential piece of furniture, no matter where you are. Prime Liquidations offers a range of high-quality chairs and stools among our wide stock selection.


What are chairs? 

Chairs are a type of furniture that is commonly used for seating. A chair is usually made up of a seat to sit on, legs to support the overall structure and potentially back or arm rests. Due to being used in so many different contexts and circumstances, chairs are available in many varieties. While offering the practical advantage of somewhere to sit, chairs can also be used to enhance comfort to create a decorative effect in the home. No matter who you are, you can find a chair to fit with your wants, needs and budget.

How do stools differ from chairs?

Stools are typically thought of as a type of chair without back or arm support. They are frequently used in bars and restaurants. Stools take up less space, so they are usually easier to move around. They are often elevated in order to allow the person sitting on them to be level with the counter or table they are sitting at.

What types of chairs are there?

There are a range of chairs and stools available depending on the purpose you need them for. For more practical chairs, an ergonomic design is important. It helps people to avoid soreness or discomfort if they are sitting for longer periods. Alternatively, some people may prefer to have fancy chairs for aesthetics. These decorative pieces could be more ornate and more suited to blending with the other furniture of a room.

Dining chairs

Dining chairs go together with dining tables in homes and restaurants. They tend to strike a balance between being a comfortable place to sit and an attractive visual element in the dining room. Dining chairs are a great way to impress guests with both their level of comfort and their appearance. You can match them to the dining table if you want to create more synchronicity between the furniture in your home.

Office chair

As their name suggests, office chairs are used in work environments such as offices. Also called desk chairs, they typically have wheels and an adjustable height. People use them for jobs that involve working with a computer or writing at a desk. Home offices also utilise office chairs, as they aim to emulate the environment of a typical workplace.

Beach chair

Beach chairs are made for lying down in sunny areas like pools or the beach. They often have a built-in slot in which you can put an umbrella to protect you from the sun. They are often made from plastic or metal and allow for a high level of adjustment.


Armchairs are built for comfort. They have thicker upholstery, making them soft and suited for relaxation. Many armchairs also have the capacity to lean back and allow you to put your legs up. They are typically located in the lounge or the living room area of a home.

Deck chair

Deck chairs are a popular option for a backyard, deck or patio. They give residents and guests a place to sit and chat outside. Deck chairs are sometimes able to fold, which makes them easier to transport to places like parks and beaches when having picnics. More ornate deck chairs utilise materials such as water hyacinth to look fancier.


What materials are chairs and stools made from?

Chairs and stools can be made from a range of different materials. The main criteria is that the material used is stable and capable of supporting a person’s weight. Common materials for this include wood, plastic and metal.


A broad variety of woods can be suitable for use in the construction of chairs. This is because they are sturdy and capable of handling a person’s weight adequately. Different treatments are used depending on the wood and the style of chair. A chair may be carved into its shape or perhaps be woven if using a type of wood like teak or wicker. The wood can be painted or distressed to create desirable aesthetic effects as well.


Metal is another good option for strong, stable chairs. However, metal chairs are often heavier, which is important to be aware of for transport purposes. Also, they will likely require upholstery of some kind since they are hard and may be uncomfortable to sit in without it. But a big advantage of metal chairs is their versatility. You will find a high level of variety in both the types of metals employed to build chairs and the style they can be built into.


Plastic is an affordable and lightweight option for chairs. Desk chairs are frequently made from plastic as being lightweight is advantageous for their mobility. Plastic is also easy to get in different shapes and designs. While they are a budget-friendly option, they tend to be considered less impressive on an aesthetic level.


Where in the house is best for chairs and stools?

Chairs are stools can be a useful addition to most areas of the house. Social areas such as the dining room, lounge or back patio all benefit from having chairs around. Chairs are a mainstay in home offices where people utilise desks and computers. You even see stools used alongside kitchen counters much of the time. Chairs fit into just about any part of the home and you can rarely have enough.


Prime Liquidations has quality chairs and stools available for purchase

Prime Liquidations has a wide array of stylish, comfortable chairs and stools within our selection. They’re made from all kinds of different materials and suitable for outside or inside use. Whether you’re looking for a chair made of teak root or a stool made of boatwood, there’s no better place to shop than Prime Liquidations. Contact us today or visit our warehouse to have a browse.